I'm being lazy and thinking about not doing the certifications' project now and instead moving on to the next certification Data Visualisation

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever done it that is completed projects later on?

I’m feeling lazy don’t want to do all the thinking and problem solving involved in doing certification projects right now but will later on. Right now just want to move on to the Data Visualisation certification and then on to the API and Microservices as soon as possible then do the projects slowly because I am about to start a new job and also someone told me they will recommend me for other better jobs if I complete the API sections

It depends,
Remember why you are following these curriculum’s.
Are you achieving your goals by not doing projects,
or doing projects is not helping anymore.
projects are there so you can solidify and apply what you have learned.
if they are no help, you can move ahead or skip them. imo…

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Projects are definitely helpful and I will definitely do it I was just lazy to do it right now as it involves a lot of thinking and planning/problem solving and thus was planning to do it later on say after 1 or 2 cereification’s coursework

If you become lazy you can lose your job. Those you work with will notice your behavior.
All parts in the challenge have their meaning and are not randomly placed in this order to be studied.

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Thanks for the reply. Good motivation to continue :upside_down_face:

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Take your time and complete the projects before moving on to the next section. The project will help you gain confidence. Remember No pain No gain

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The data visualisation chapter can well be skipped, it mostly centers around a certain library (d3), which you’ll likely never use, unless your job is about data visualisation. It also introduces direct DOM manipulation with Vanilla JS, which is something you’ll have to unlearn when you code in React.

The frontend libraries projects (25+5 clock, calculator…) are quite important though, to deepen your React knowledge. If you don’t feel like doing them now, you can proceed to API and microservices. But those move completely away from the frontend, and introduce working with the backend. If you don’t have a solid knowledge of React yet, you’ll probably forget most of it.

It’s your choice, but I wouldn’t completely stop learning (React) frontend at this point. It takes months to understand React, even for more experienced developers. Maybe split your time into 50% frontend projects, 50% API & microservices.

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If you’re in a rush then skip the data visualisation certificate as you’re unlikely to ever use it as a developer,

Data visualisation is coding the frontend for graphs and charts using a dataset. It’s interesting but it’s not a core skill

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I was looking at the certification and I felt like the second section might be helpful in learning fetching API and learning AJAX which I assume is a valuable asset to know

Yeah fetching data is a useful skill, might be better to learn in the context of a react app given that you’re starting a React job soon?


Yeah, I agree with @miketandy .

The react docs has a whole section on API and AJAX.
Plus there are tons of articles were you can learn.

The FCC section only has 10 lessons on it.
If you want to do the lessons too that’s cool.

But just focus on what you need for your job.


Yes. I was told to come in about 3 hours from now. Excited and nervous too.

The job people did ask me questions like do you know about API and all in the interview but I think they were fine and beleived that I can indeed learn during the job too.

It was another guy from somewhere else that I was talking to as I was waiting for my job to start that told me that he can recommend me for better jobs if I either do at least 3 months on the job I am about to start or if I do at least till the API certification.

Yes I wanted to do the lessons too like I said I am not in a pressure or anything to learn it strictly just was told/suggested by a guy whom I was introduced recently to if I need better jobs. The boss who called me yesterday told me that they’d provide plenty of resources from MIT and Harvard like certification courses and all to learn and told me that the full stack developer who interviewed me believed that I could pick it up on the go/on the job(I don’t know about it just was told). It was a pleasant surprise to know that the CEO was the son of one of my mom’s good friends :grinning:

That’s exciting.
It is totally normal to feel nervous.

I was in your same position 8 months ago when I started my first tech job.
It is a part time dev role.

Before I started, I was going through the front end section of FCC.

But I learned to just to focus on the lessons I needed for the job.
Once you start working then you will have a better idea of what you need to learn.

A few more tips.


It is totally fine to ask questions.
Your boss knows you are just starting out.
There is no such. thing as a dumb question.

Take notes
In the beginning, you will probably have a lot thrown at you.
But that’s totally normal.
Just make sure to take notes during meetings so you can refer back to them when you are working on your tasks for the week.

Documentation is your friend
When I have to learn a new technology or work with a new package, then I read up on the docs first.
If something is confusing in the docs, then I will look for other sources.

Communicate with your boss on future goals
It sounds like your new boss is interested in your learning and growth which is great. :grinning:
While you develop a working relationship with him try to continue to update him on your learning progress and future career goals.

In my situation, I started off just working front end. But when I told my boss I was interested in Full stack, he assigned me to work on the backend of a new project so I could have more practice. :grinning:

That’s all the advice I have.

Good luck on your new job! :grinning:


Thank you miss!

I just came back from the job. I was happy that I was told just to complete all the projects from the front end development certification and I spent the day working on markdown previewer. Initially I was very nervous like felt super dumb doing basic mistake and things like npm start was also not working.

On the top of that markdown previewer almost drove me crazy not being able to use the markdown library even after looking at the solutions! Finally was done at the end of the day. Felt like it was too hard but glad that it was done finally

Thats what programming is all about. If it was just meaningless coding anyone would do it. Programmers are hired on the basis of problem solving skills

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