I'm completely lost Building a Gradebook App

Hi ,

I’ve done pyramid generator course and realised I don’t really understand or remember much of what i learned so I’ve decided to give it second go and made
pyramid course from the start again.

It went quicker and easier second time and now I’ve just started second course “Java script fundamentals by Building a Gradebook App”

To be completely honest I have no clue how to tackle first step and I’m wondering if anyone else here is having similar experience.

maybe i should go back to pyramid , make notes , try harder to remember every detail better
or do a JS beginner course elsewhere and come back to freeCodeCamp later?
any thoughts ?

The new courses are meant to challenge you, they are less guided and need you to put more of your own work to solve them. You can ask for help, here or on the Discord server, you can research, look back at other projects you completed.
Do not give up at the first hard thing, this is programming, it’s hard, but you can do it.

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Yes, this is completly normal.
This is the first time you are solving problems on your own.

With the review project, take it step by step.

For example, here is the first step

I would focus on the first tip, they gave you here

  • You can use a loop to iterate over the scores array and add up all the scores.

How do you write a for loop?
If you don’t remember, google “How to write a for loop JavaScript?” or come ask the forum

Then the next question you have to figure out is how to use a for loop to add up a list of numbers.
If you get stuck, then google “how to add up a list of numbers for loop javascript”
or ask the forum for help

Once you figure out how to add up all of the scores, then you can figure out the average.

The lesson gave you this formulae here

average = sum of all scores / total number of scores

Then the lesson gave you this hint about how to get the total number of scores

  • You can use the length property to get the total number of scores.

And that is step 1.

That is how to approach each of these steps.
Break it down into small pieces.
If you are not sure how to tackle something, then google or ask the forum.
Try a whole bunch of things and test it out as you go.
That is why the example function calls where given to you so you can test your code.

Learning how to build things on your own is hard at first but that is the only way to become a programmer.

Just take it one step at a time, and through enough practice, you will be able to solve these problems better

hope that helps


im in the same boat on the same step. getting ready to give up and throw in the towel, theres to little explanation and far to much reliance on me googling things i should be being taught. there really needs to be more structure, because i dont have time to google 100 things and worry about whether im googling the right phrase or not


Thanks for help :wink:
I’ve managed to complete step 1.
I was most confused about which loop to use. I still dont know how to use “for” loop with 3 expresions in this step.
I’ve used “for…of” loop.

for (variable of iterable) {
// code block to be executed

Can this exersize be completed in different ways ?

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Congrats on completing step 1 :smiley:


You can use a for loop, for of loop, etc.

There is also another method you could use called the reduce method.
That hasn’t been taught yet, but it is another way to add all numbers in an array.
If you are curious you can read about it here, and give it a try

using reduce will give you a nice one liner solution :+1: