I'm considering producing a Podcast

I’m considering producing a podcast for career changers like me. Some of my main reasons for the podcast are:

  1. I would like to share my career change journey, projects, likes, dislikes, and knowledge in Web Development.
  2. I would like to connect to a broad community of career changers, learn from their journeys, hear their different point of views about web development, and have fun in this journey too ( why not).
  3. I know this will help me as an individual, Developer, and communicator.

However, I would love to know your guys’ opinion about:

  • What kind of podcast would benefit Career Changers?
  • What do Career Changers think dev podcast are lacking to of?



https://secondcareerdevs.com/ Maybe do a colab with this one?

Hi Rafael,

You should absolutely do a podcast around career change.

Don’t worry about whether such podcasts already exist - there are tons of people in the process of changing careers, and their podcast options are still quite limited.

I recommend seeking out career changers you’ve met and starting with them. Then, once you have a backlog of episodes, it’s much easier to reach out to new people you discover through Twitter and here on the freeCodeCamp forum to ask if you can interview them.

I created a guide to how we do the freeCodeCamp podcast here, which has some tools I recommend:

I know that CodeNewbie, Software Engineering Daily, and many other podcasts have similar guides as well.

The bottom line is there is a massive audience for podcasts around career change, and there are only a few good podcasts out there (such as CodeNewbie and Second Career Devs (which @Pethaf mentioned). If you put in the time and the effort, you could build a large audience and help a lot of people along the way.

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I truly appreciate your encouragement and recommendations. Great Medium post too! I admire your hard work and dedication. - a true inspirational individual.

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