I'm failing 3 tests on the survey form challenge

Hello all,

I’ve recently started learning to code here but I’m already struggling with the second and fourth challenges. This is the page I’ve created so far, it’s not pretty but I’m hoping to fix that once I meet all the user stories. Any tips, advice, knowledge imparted would be very much appreciated.


Thanks in advance,

BUILD A SURVEY FORM (codepen.io)


Feel free to check out my code!

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hey @hardeep.kj.singh,

Your min attribute has i mistake it should be in quotes min="18" .

Your checkboxes and radios should have a value attribute value="your value"

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Hi @hardeep.kj.singh!

When, a test fails for a challenge you should open up the test suite and read the full error messages.

That is how @biscuitmanz was able to determine the issues.

Also, when bugs come up in your code you should always check if there are syntax errors like in the case of min="18". There is a html analyzer in codepen that will point out syntax errors to you. I would suggest using that as you code so errors don’t pile up on you.

Lastly, getting in the habit of formatting your code will help you find errors more quickly. Codepen has a format tool in called format html that will automatically format your code so you can catch things like missing end tags.

Hope that helps!


Thank You Delany,

That form looks great! The presentation is so good. Can I ask if you’re self-taught and if so, what was your path to learning?

Hey Biscuit,

Thank you for your feedback and picking up on my mistakes.

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Hi JWilkins,

Thank you so much for those great tips!!

I as struggling with my mistakes even with reading the full error message but I did the HTML analyzer as you suggested and that helped fix a few.

I also realised that I didn’t really do the coding for form labels correctly and bumbled through it and got there in the end, I think I need more pracice with forms so that it really sinks in.

Thank you again for taking the time to check my work and respond.


You’re Welcome, Hardeep.

I am self-taught. I learnt through FreeCodeCamp’s learning platform and did the challenges repeatedly until i got it right.

I know nothing about coding and programming but i am learning so much through FreeCodeCamp. Watching YouTube videos is also a good idea. That can also help a lot when it comes to programming.