I'm finding the tribute project hard

Looks like a simple webpage that looks like something out of the early 2000s yet I couldnt even understand the instructions when I tried to recreate this simple webpage.
So I decided to just look at the source and just copy it on to my text editor and just try to notice how everything fit together. After that I tried to redo the project within FCC and I was even more lost. I’m starting to think maybe this aint for me or maybe this platform isnt as beginner friendly as people say. Anyways how did you guys get past the hurdles of completing the projects?

sorry for the spelling and punctuation.

Edit: Just figured it out. I guess I kind of cheated because I looked at the source code for clues.

you can ask for help
the first projects will always be the hardest, you need to put together stuff you have just learned it exists, and decide how to put it together…
it’s hard - but as long you don’t copy & paste blindly, you are fine, do your research, ask for help, keep getting better!

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