Im Frustrated šŸ˜­


Im a three week old web developer and im asking for your helpā€¦ Before anything else, You can check out my portfolio here

Ive been learning all day these pas daysā€¦ But when I arrived at JQuery and knew it was online to workā€¦ I felt frustratedā€¦ im doing all of these practice for a preparation for a coming school competitionā€¦ I havent had any experience on it yet so i assume all the technologies used in that event are all offline! I know JQuery is cool, and thats why im so desperate to not to learn it! But after i knew that it was onlineā€¦ and maybe cant use it in later projects, especially the said competiton, which was now im afraid to join to. I feel that , Im missing something and might fail. Im confused, what other languages or technologies, that would help me increment both the design and functionality that are fully offline and are driven from the browser alone such as HTML CSS and javascript? HELP :sob:

You can download jquery and store the files on your computer, then just reference in your code using relative drive paths.

Download this text file

Save to your project directory


reference jquery in your codeā€¦ assuming you saved your html files in /myprojects

 <script src="/myprojects/scripts/jquery/jquery-3.3.1.js"></script> 

I have months now since i m working with Javascript and I haven t jumped into jQuery yet, because I don t want to create more complex stuff without knowing how I could make it in vanilla javascript. I know that for some more complex or large apps jquery is nice cause you can write complex stuff with less code while in plain javascript can get rlly stuffed and hard to follow your code. My opinion is to try some small apps/ideas with plain javascript and understand what s going on there before jumping into jQuery and not knowing what s going on there. :smiley:

Whats a Vanilla JS? is that another library

vanilla js: plain ole js with nothing else added.

Oh, and i can animate and add more interactivity using it?

I guess you couldā€¦ but what is easier is creating your transitions, animation and keyframes in CSS and just adding/removing the specific CSS classes to your html elements via JS.

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css is cool and easy in that case but CSS has nothing to do with Event handlersā€¦ like, when i click this button, another element movesā€¦ the movement in CSS is limited by pseudo classes lik :hover :active

Wow getting into programming when your three weeks old! Sounds like thatā€™s impossible! (Iā€™m kidding :wink:)

As @owel said you can download jquery and setup a local environment to work from.

I want to mention All javascript libraries donā€™t provide any new functionality, they only provide common functionality in an easy to use interface. You technically can do whatever an library provides to you, yourself using vanilla javascript. It might be hard, complicated, not as easy to use, or not as quick, but its always possible.

I also want to mention there is always nodejs which provides an environment to learn Javascript and programming first. Instead of a web-page, you learn in a ā€œrun-timeā€ which provides interfaces to your computer system, rather than a browser. The main advantage is you donā€™t have to care about html/css, you can learn straight JS and most importantly programming. But that might not be your goal (maybe your more of the designer type), but it is defiantly worth a mention.

??? In your JS event handler, add/remove the CSS classes that provide the animation.

the movement in CSS is limited by pseudo classes lik :hover :radioactive:


Hey Guys, i see i can add animations and add interactivity to my webpage using PLain old Vanillaā€¦ :joy::joy: now, please check my code here, i used up all my logics and cant seem to find any solutionā€¦ PS check the javascript if i did it rightā€¦ the button should turn the color alternatively

Color scheme is terrible. Check out Adobe Kuler to fix. Your default size for everything is to big and needs to be scaled down. Donā€™t have icons & text in your buttons. Just stick with text like everyone else. Itā€™s what users automatically expect and if they donā€™t get it they will leave your site. Get rid of the Know More About Him area completely because it doesnā€™t do any for you. All of that information is irrelevant.