I'm getting insane and completely overloaded

I’m working as an Systems Administrator (38.5hrs/week) and studying Network- & Communications Engineering (includes stuff like software development and network design) in college after work & on the weekends.
There are two topics I just have to learn or else I’m not satisfied with myself:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • and Web-Development.

I’ll finish my master (in ~5 years) in Artificial Intelligence… but before that I want to get a job in Web-Dev, since this is the kind of work I really like to do.

So I got these problems:

  1. I have to get a good Systems Administrator for the work I do now
  2. I have to learn for my college degree / exams
  3. I have to learn/work in web-development for multiple hundret/thousand hours to get a job that pays more than my present sysadmin job
  4. I have to learn/work for my masters degree when the time comes, stripping even more time from me
  5. I’m switching between what I learn, books, courses, etc. pp. all the time, because I just can’t choose what I should do first or what I should prioritize

I’m stuck. I can’t think clearly.
My goals are clear, but I just don’t have time to do all of this next to working and learning for college.
I even subscribed to Pluralsight and Stefan Mischooks Full Stack course - but the only things I do is answering the quizzes and questions right the whole time, since I know most of the topics but don’t know where I stopped learning years ago. I also did literally everything on FCC up to the end of Javascript - but that was years ago and many things changed. I don’t even know anymore what my old username was.

I’m wasting time by thinking about what I should do so I don’t waste my time.

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do one thing at a time.
It may seems counterintuitive, but try the 12 weeks year method.
Reach your goal in 12 weeks, and then at the end of your 12 weeks assess: do you want to do something on that same subject, you want to change subject?
take one week of rest, and then start again.

It can be a job goal, a study goal. Just find your priority for the following 12 weeks, and when you need to choose between a few things because you don’t have enough time to do everything, choose your priority.

There is also a book on this method, but I have not read it, and I arrived to this from other ways.

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You are aware what is an issue here. You are just overwhelmed and you need to take a breath. Unreal expectations could lead to depression. Take care of your part and use every single day as smart as possible to learn and you will see results eventually but do not forget to enjoy your life as well. You will always have time to learn and improve as long as you have learning approach for rest of life. Hope this helps.

Trade offs need to be made. At most you have time for two things.
Work + Learn or Learn + Learn.

If you can afford it, leave your current job and study web dev + your masters. Then pickup that web dev job you want.

If you can’t, then I suggest putting masters on hold because learning web dev is faster and will yield you more money plus a quality of life improvement (doing what you like). Then pick up AI again.

or try to juggle all three and finally get what you want when you’re 90 years old.