I'm getting TypeError: response.json is not a function error. Can someone please point me in the right direction

var url = "https://api.exchangeratesapi.io/latest?base=";

async function convert(){
    var base = document.getElementById('Base').value;
    var out = document.getElementById('Output').value;
    var amount = document.getElementById('Amount').value;
    var finalValue;

    let response = await fetch(`${url}${base}` ,{method:'GET'})
    let data = await response.jason()

    finalValue = data.rates

    finalValue = finalValue[out]*Number(amount);
    var result = `Converted Amount of ${amount} ${base} is ${finalValue} ${out}`
    document.getElementById('Converted').innerText = result;


There’s a typo in code in that place.

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Thank you for your reply!..Could you please tell me where I’m mistaken?

Take a look at this line:

let data = await response.jason()

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