I'm gonna beat that JS! Wahoo!

Guys I’m starting now JS for real. No more playing games and messing around!
Wish me luck!!! :tada: :confetti_ball: :sparkles:


Yeah, me too. I wanna learn JS now

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@Glory1 Lets Do this :muscle: :confetti_ball: :fist_left:!

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@anon86258595 yeah let’s do this! :fist_right:

Should we check in in one month and see were were holding?

yeah, let’s do that!!

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Good luck to both of you. I’m still finishing off HTML/CSS. Had a brief look at JS yesterday out of curiosity and it looks hard.

How long did it take you to finish the responsive web design section? I’m not sure how to judge my pace.


I’m doing them together.
Html and CSS takes a ton of practice to master besides for completing the curriculum.
I love creating code pens similar to the projects from FCC curriculum because then it gives me practice but I have what to refer to when stuck.

I’ve long learnt that it doesn’t really matter at what pace you learn as long as you are making headway and see improvement through your projects.
I think I breezed through the responsive section pretty fast only to find out later when creating my projects that I had barley registered what I was doing and was just passing tests without really understanding the concepts properly.
So I’m just repeating the whole thing before moving farther in it(I haven’t finished it completely either).

I have already had a year of learning python through a book and one video so the js is not so hard 4 me though it does have its differences.
But starting my first language took me over a year of practice practice and more practice so its perfectly ok if it looks hard to you.


I definitely agree about the mastery aspect of HTML and CSS. The tutorials are fairly straight forward, but fully understanding and remembering it is challenging. I’m just trying to remember concepts but still have to look up exactly how to do certain things. Some of it is sticking though - I guess the frequently used parts.

I’ve only been doing this for about a month with virtually no prior experience (tiny bit of HTML about 20 years ago) so I guess it’s a long road ahead. I’m enjoying it and I definitely know more today that I did a month ago, so I guess that’s a good sign.

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