I'm having a stressful time/I'm pretty confused

Okay, I’m really confused and unsure of what I’m doing. But, I have a problem: I don;t have a twitter account. How in the world do I do the Random Quotes Project from FCC without it? And if I don;t need a twitter account, what do I need?

Thank you for your help.

First of all, stressed and confused is normal. The transition from the FCC steps to actually building something is a tough one.

As to Twitter, I just created an account and haven’t used it since. To be honest, I don’t know if the tests actually care if it’s a real twitter account or if you just have to get a link in there.

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Oh, I see. But being only seventeen, I do not have my parents permission to create an account whether I use it or not, so it will be awesome if I can just get a link in there. Thank you!

Haha! It worked and I have passed! Thank you!