I'm having difficulty coming up with a project idea

Hello all. I need to come up with a concept for a web app that I will work on for the last 2 weeks of my course. It’s supposed to be something new, not just a clone of a popular website. Impressive without setting unobtainable goals.

I’ve read some blogs that suggest trying to solve a unique problem that I face personally, so when I present it people can attach a story and remember me better. But most of my problems have already been solved by existing apps.

Sofar my half-formed ideas are:
-A coding dictionary, that a user can run a search on to find relevant info in various languages. So if they need to know about a method in Python, or JavaScript functions, they can either use the search bar or find it listed in the menubar by language - topic.

-A music playlist app, that connects to the Deezer API. It would allow users to Register, Login, make use of CRUD to choose favourite artists, songs, albums, and make a playlist. (I’m not sure if I can use the API to play music…)

-Something with the IMDB API or Rotten Tomatoes API. Similar to above, but with movies.

-A song analyser, that find lyrics with AZLyrics API and then uses another API to analyse the sentiments in the song.

-An expense tracker, or budgeting app. Not as interesting as the others, but practical.

It really feels like there’s nothing new under the sun.

Maybe make an app whose only purpose is to be ‘artsy’ - then you can go all out doing all sorts of cool stuff that have no real purpose other than to capture attention and hold it.

And you could attach a story to it, like the Stanley Parable, except it’s the app version of the Stanley Parable. An app that doesn’t take itself very seriously and plays a metaphysical game

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There may be an app for people who can hear and see, but is there one that works for deaf or blind people?

How about a pet dating app for thoroughbred offspring?

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@LiChoi: LOL, an artsy app would be very unexpected! We’re learning Full-Stack but with heavy emphasis on the Back-End. Accessing databases and APIs, CRUD, authentication, etc. Also I’m not very artistic, but like the logic and functions, so I don’t think it would be a good measure of my skill.

@Leebut: Some websites can be designed for accessibility, with semantic tags (<header>, <main>, <nav>, etc). That way e-readers can help clients with visual impairments. But a web app specifically for deaf of blind people…? Maybe a networking app, a chat room or a forum, specifically geared towards people with a disability. That concept is pretty uncommon!

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Yeah, go beyond tags and consider user interaction and functionality.

Go for it. Don’t be like me and not fully act on an idea.
Over 20 years ago, gosh, maybe more than 25 years ago, I made a basic web page for people to order a taxi via e-mail (no mobiles back then) in advance. I didn’t know anything more than HTML so I failed. Oh and I listened to the naysayers, you know, the people who say, “That won’t work!”. Around the same time I thought of an idea for people to visit a website to order food from online menus. Hmm, same situation. I had the ideas, but not the knowledge to carry on with them, and those naysayers! Had I carried on learning web stuff back then and not listened to those other people, I think my life would be very different now.

Another potential idea could be to provide an anti-app. What I mean is there are wait loss apps, but is there a how to fatten up for sumo wrestling app? It could monitor food intake, provide macros, recipes, etc… It does the same thing but the opposite of a mainstream weight loss app.