I'm having trouble grasping Javascript


Can someone recommend the best way to learn Javascript. I have been consistently learning Javascript for the past 5 months give that I have a dead-end job 8-5 and I usually study for 2hrs a day and by then am as tired as a dog.

I recently tried to tackle the Basic Algorithm Scripting exercises and that’s when I realized that I haven’t learned much compared to when I learned the Responsive Web Design Certification because am unable to complete the exercises without looking for solutions.

So can anyone advise me on the smartest way to proceed?


JavaScript is your first programming language, it is more complex than a markup language like HTML, infinetely more complex

You are struggling, and it is normal, don’t give up, keep trying, try to ask for help when you need. Also, Read-Search-Ask method is something you should always keep in mind, and note, this is a thing you will keep doing, there is not a moment where you don’t need to google things anymore, look things up, and that’s totally normal.

Programmers are problem solvers, not walking enyclopedies of programming syntax.

And problem solving comes with practice, so keep going back to the algorithms and try to solve them on your own