I'm having trouble with my Technical Doc Page

I see the errors, but I’m not sure on how to fix them. Can someone help me.

Can you tell me about what type of error are you finding?

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The challenge asks you to make the class nav-link not nav- link

<li><a class="nav- link" href="#What_is_Lorem_Ipsum?">What is Lorem Ipsum?</a></li><br>
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I did not realize that I put a space in between them. I’ve been looking at my code for a while and I didn’t realize that. Thanks.

Actually try it by backspacing the space between the link and -

The only error left is this “AssertionError: Every .nav-link should have an href value that links it to its corresponding .main-section (e.g. href=”#Introduction")."
I’m not too sure what I did wrong here. I thought I put a “nav-link” and “href” values in every link.

We actually make this type of mistakes.

I had my whole program got to error just because of a spacing.

From next time try to revise the code before running it on the terminal (for personal satisfaction)

Nevermind, I fixed it. I realized that I did “href==” instead of “href=”. I really should pay attention on my copy and pasting when setting up code…Thank you for your help though.

Welcome my friend, have a nice day

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