Im interested in Big Data

Any experts here who can tell me how to capture user data, etc from a website using Js?
I think this is the latest buzz word at the mo.
many thx in advance.

what do you mean by user data? If you want to track traffic, whether someone clicked on a link, etc. you can add web analytics tools (e.g. Matomo) to your website and it will track alot of stuff for you. But that’s not necessarily Big Data…

If you want to analyze big Data Samples etc. it’s probably best you look into Data Visualization Tools (like D3.js, there is a course here on freeCodeCamp) or learn to work with Python and it’s number/data focused libraries like Pandas. It also helps ALOT to look into the theoratical Statistics/Math background if your interested in Data Science.

Hope that helps.

Silly thing really, I was watching a documentary of how Amazon get to know our every behaviour and likes, they use what is called big data, I understand that this is the science of gathering and analyzing data, I just wondered how if possible it is possible to use this in our our websites?

Well to use Amazon data, they would have to give it to you / let you use it.
And I highly doubt they would let you do that.

I didnt mean that…
I meant that the technology they use to capture and know what our preferences are is called Big Data, , like I said I know that Dig Data uses technology such as Apache Hadoop( i think its called) and Nosql and possible Python, I just wanted to know to use the Big Data technology to capture and analyse this data for our own sites.

I am very interested in how to capture and use my own user data from my sites, but I think that Big Data is way above my head at the moment.
I am just very interested in this technology. :smiley:

Big Data is more of a buzzword than a real Technology(-Stack). It’s ‘just’ the concept of capturing and using huge amounts of data to improve/find new business models.
So there are two parts to this: 1. Capturing Data and 2. Analyzing it.

To Capture user data you can use cookies or fingerprinting for unknown users (that’s how most Web-Analytics Tools work). That part is of easier for registered users, as you can simply link their activity to their profile when they’re logged in.

The second part involves the Visualization and Statistical Methods I talked about earlier.

So to realize all of that on your own for a small personal site is a lot of work, that where Web-Analytics tools come.

Hope that clears it up a bit.

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Many thanks,
I will definitely look at those websites/tools you mentioned at some time.
After seeing how Amazon became BIG by using Big Data and those concepts, it had me really facinated by it.
But I have a long way to go yet as I am a beginner at Javascript.
However the more I learn the more facinated I become with Technology.