Im joining into a school competition! TIPS From Masters, Please

So, Ive been studying fonr end web development since i asked my teacher to let me join in to an interschool competition where i will compete with several fronend dev students like me… Im pretty nervous and And badly need tips to create an eccomerce site,(as proposed) within 4 hours…

Here are the criteria…
You are given a set of random images which you can use in the page(NO EXTERNAL IMAGES SHOULD BE USED)

Then you are given four hours to create the page, finish or not finished you have to submit it to the judges

Lastly, You have to explain your site, why its impportant , why would they like visiting it and lots lots of informations about it just to convince them infront of an experienced front end web dev!

So, can you guys help me remove this nervousness I feel or make me more confident?

Well, look at it this way… if you fail, you’re NOT gonna get fired, lose your job, lose your income, lose your house, you and family live in the car, eat on the streets, and then lose the car, and then live under a bridge.

So this is easy-peasy, no stress at all. :slight_smile:

Are frameworks allowed? Bootstrap? Because that will save a lot of time and you can have a pretty nice, working, responsive site very quickly. If not allowed, practice your basic CSS until you can do it with your eyes closed. Practice making layouts with the minimal use of CSS.

Unfortunately, I have no idea about this (if framweworks are allowed or not) so, im trying to focus on my raw skills… @owel Are you a founder of a youtube channel? I think i saw the word owel once!