I'm just happy today for passing my first front-end project

I mean there are still a lot things to do on my project. I failed putting a twitter icon with bootstrap on react app and I will (and I need to )figure it out later. However I’m happy that I passed my first front end libraries certification project after one month from my signing in on FCC. It hasn’t been easy. Not at all. Especially all the JS algorithm courses… It was freaking difficult for me though I passed all then now I’m heading to my third certification.
I’m majored in Korean literature I have no experience at all and I’m not a native English speaker… There are so many obstacles on my journey and It will be more in the future!

But still, I just want to share my happiness with other campers. And I hope I can share this feelings later too. I’m expecting my next steps. I wish everyone here who are struggling as I am a very luck with FCC !

This one is my project so far :slight_smile: It’s kinda my contribute to My English teacher , The Office US.


Nice job! Good luck on future projects! :+1:

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Great quotes! Where did you find them?
Your page looks extremely simply and I like it. But it can do with some extra structure.
An h1 is a heading and your text is not. I’d use a style p-tag.
The quote box does need some padding on the right because the text sticks to the border and it’s a little too edgy for my taste
Maybe style the buttons a little? To go with the rest of the page?

I have to go through the react-exercises again because I’ve forgotten everything, so I’m not going to comment on that.


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Congratulations and good luck.:v:

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Thank you @mientje. I was exhausted to do more design on my project so decided to pass the project first then re-do it later. That’s how I did on my first Projects too, however, I like your advices! Those quotes I just googled and copied them. :slight_smile: