I'm Livestreaming my Completion of FCC

Hi everyone!

My name is Pedro and like alot of you I’m learning Web Development. I’m going to be livestreaming my journey to become a web developer. I’ve already livestreamed “The Web Developer Bootcamp” by Colt Steele and have decided to make Free Code Camp my next major learning resource. for more info on my livestream project, see this Medium post: https://medium.com/@pedro_chavez/im-going-to-live-stream-myself-completing-free-code-camp-476231f71367

Hope to be an active participant in this community. thanks for reading.

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Hi there. I’m new too and it can be lonely. I’m live-streaming myself doing FCC everyday. I’ve been doing FCC for the past 3 days and have livestreamed 8 hours a day minimum. Heres a medium post where i announced it and heres my youtube channel. if you get lonely tune in to the channel and watch me do the challenges (or stuggle through them). good luck!