I'm looking for feedback on my first tribute page


I am new to fCC and I just completed the tribute page assignment.

I would love to get some feedback on the coding.

Here is the CodePen link: http://codepen.io/eightlimbs/pen/BWxZmB

Thank you for your time and consideration,



I’m new to FCC as well and also finished my first tribute page(http://codepen.io/ryanjgross/live/cdfeacb44a2cbe708fb805c6fdc85529) … so take my feedback with a grain of salt.

It seems like you’re off to a pretty good start, here are some things I would recommend.

  • From a content standpoint, I don’t know who Benj is or what Sun Kil Moon means. It took me a little longer than I think it should have to realize it was a musician and album, respectively. Maybe there’s a way to introduce that?

  • I like the way you are trying to utilize “white space” with your quotes about the album, but it feels like something is off? Maybe like they don’t flow like they should?

  • In your code you create a .css class called “.body”. You don’t need to do this. Just select “body” (no period).

  • You’re using a ton of inline styles. Move these into your style sheet!

Please feel free to also give me some feed back about my tribute page!

Hey Ryan,

You’re page is awesome! You went above and beyond the requirements.

Some feedback for you… (also take it with a grain of salt :wink:

  • Maybe make your links styled in a way that makes them look different than the text (ie: on “this page sucks so hard give me a wiki link”

  • The image of keanu sitting on the bench…there is blank space below the image that doesn’t look right.

Well done!

Thanks! I saw that stupid space under the image… no idea where its coming from. Gonna mess with it some more.