I'm looking for play testers for my Roguelike

I just updated the game. Now, your character will only move if you swipe from the tilemap. Touches that begin off of the map should behave normally, allowing scrolling, etc.


I played it again last night - it’s pretty hard on mobile because you have to swipe hundreds (possibly thousands) of times to navigate the whole map. At least on desktop you can ‘sprint’ by holding down a key :slight_smile:

I made it to level 5, had a ton of medicine bottles and decided to take on the boss.

Bad idea.

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Yeah, the combat algorithm factors level difference in pretty heavily. :smile: You basically want to be near the same level as the boss before you attack him. I may make the map a little smaller to make it less tedious to move around on mobile.

For such a simple little game, it’s actually quite fun to play!

(v2 should use websockets and let people battle in real time…I’m kidding…or am I?)

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Found a bug, Instead of killing “The Boss” his hp goes to minus. Got him to -10000 hp. So cant finish the game. And I think few times “medicine” got stacked with enemy, so you get “medicine” by attacking mob. My opinion, map is too big, just running around in empty rooms. Played on pc, 2 times. First time got to lvl 7, second time to lvl 10. And about weapons. You can skip all of them, just by trying to find battle axe as a first item. Makes other weapons kind a pointless. That’s all from me :slight_smile:

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@GuessWhoxx Thank you for the feedback! I’m actually working on the ending right now, and it should be finished by the end of the day. I think you’re right about the map being too big. I’m going to experiment with smaller map sizes. Also, the items and the enemies are on two different layers on the map, so it’s possible that a medicine is randomly placed “underneath” an enemy. When you defeat the enemy, you move into the tile and pick up any item that may be there. You’re right, I often just run around and try to find the battle axe right away. I’m not sure how to make the weapon progression more meaningful. Do you have any ideas? :smile:
Again, thank you for the feedback, it’s very valuable.

You could leave better weapons in rooms, that stronger enemy would block the way. But i feel that game would be too hard, even now its hard to lvl up. You have to run around all map to find your lvl enemy, and at the end you will run out of “medicine”. Because of all that rng, sometimes weaker enemy deals more dmg than your lvl enemy. I feel that adding rng medicine is a bad idea, to much rng makes game so random, that you cant plan a lot. Map that you could check, would be nice too. I’m new to coding, so I have no idea how would you do that, even moving character amazes me :smiley:

Ok, I just pushed up another update. The map is slightly smaller now, and there is also a start screen, an update screen when you die, and a game over screen that appears after you kill the boss.

Nice map size, but I was able to find “axe” and “battleaxe” next to each other.

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Yeah, that may happen. Random item placement is a part of the specifications for the project. I could make the algorithm a little more sophisticated to try to add some separation between weapons, but at this point I may just call it “good enough.”

Nobody has found the Easter egg yet? :slight_smile:

Maybe instead of simply discarding lower powered weapons you could have them consumed by the stronger one (magic!) so the attack points increase.

I’ve looked for the easter egg, but no luck yet…

buggy in safari.

“Unknown DOM property class. Did you mean className?”

otherwise nice one.

@ZackWard how about using the M or space key for consuming medicine? Clicking the link is annoying :slight_smile:

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@thierryw7 Thank you! That was a silly bug that slipped in, should be corrected now.

@JacksonBates Good idea, using ‘m’ to apply medicine would make it easier. That feature should be in now. Please let me know if I introduced any bugs while adding it. :slight_smile: