I'm losing motivation already lol

Started with Basic HTML and I’m done but as I got to Javascript it became more complicated and I’m forgetting more than I’ve been reading lately and I kind of lost interest in continuing the process though I always feel like I’m missing out everyday.

i did it twice, like you i kinda began to forget or not really understand so i did it again (restarted) but what is your issue

I’m no longer feeling motivated or triggered as i was when i first started

i felt similar, so i started from the begining again before i started again i went and messed around kinda like on vlc (visual studio code) just using what i had learnt to make simple website bases if i had a probloem i just look it up on google some times on a website called w3 schools.com, do u feel the same with html?

Don’t give up yet. it’s too early. Programming languages are beasts and almost everyone is fighting with them at first, it’s honestly like learning an alien language.

I recently watched an interview with an astrophysicist and she said she would rather hire a progammer that hardly knows where space is, than a scientist that cannot code. That gives you a perspective how hard the trade is.

On Top the Javascript course on fCC is not very beginner friendly, the videos on the fCC YouTube channel are, especially the one by Per Borgen of Scrimba. Almost 8 hours long, but worth it. You can code alongside the course and maybe get motivated again when you see your scripts working.

Give yourself a few more months and code smaller projects, if JavaScript is still too overwhelimg give Python a try, it’s a bit more beginner friendly.

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I wouldn’t say that videos are objectively beginner friendly. Videos are not interactive, and you can’t learn a programming language without interacting with (using) the language. Copying along while others type doesn’t teach you how to code.

I’d start by thinking back to what made you start in the first place. It’s possible that original reason for being motivated still exists, but you lost sight of it. I’d try to re-capture that essence and see if you can figure out a way to keep that source of motivation around longer.

Ultimately learning to code, or really learning anything new takes some mental effort to keep at it, and thus it requires you to put energy into the process. The issue with this is finding a source of energy in the first place. If what your doing is easy, say watching youtube videos, then the amount of energy you need to “put in” to the process is low to non-existant.

The goal isn’t to find “low energy” activities, the goal is to find ways to create energy for yourself so you can tackle the things you want to do.

For coding this is usually finding some sort of source of motivation that you can continually refer to. As you “spend energy” working on learning, debugging, fixing things, you’ll need to go back to that “energy well” and replenish yourself so you can go back to what you were learning.

I’m not sure what your original source of motivation was, but finding it again should help you get back into things.

Good luck, keep learning keep building :+1:

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