I'm lost in the programming world I want to guide

I’ve seen a lot of sites and courses and now i 'm completing front end challenges on FCC . any advice for being full-stack developer who deserve a good jop .:disappointed_relieved:

hello @TecnoTalk
don’t just complete only front end from FCC,
complete full FCC Course
after completion, you’ll been a full stack developer,
and then you’ll deserve a valuable job

"Stay positive and happy.
Work hard and don’t give up hope.
Be open to criticism and keep learning.
Surround yourself with happy,
warm and genuine people. "

@HooriaHic so there no way to start a jop with front end? :fearful:

no i don’t meant that,
you’ll start a job with front end,

but after FCC completion you’ll start a full time valuable job

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