I'm new and I don't know where to start

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great.

I’m a student in New Zealand and have a lot of free time. Because of this I have been looking for interesting projects to pursue and skills to learn. My end goal is to code an app like Sidechef or Mealime (for recreation). I have been researching where to start learning but have just been overloaded with so much information saying different things.

I would love to have the below questions asked:

  • Which sites and platforms should I learn from?
  • What languages should i learn?
  • And how many hours should it take me to learn enough to reach my goal?

Thanks so much in advance :slight_smile:


I highly recommend freeCodeCamp.org. Just start at the beginning and keep going.

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I would recommend w3schools.com .It teaches nearly everything you need for many programming languages.

Hope that helps!

Hello, l was like you a year ago , know exactly what you want to then google it like " How to be" or “Guide to be” otherwise you will be misled in Tech.

101 Best Places to Learn to Code For Free | Learn to Code With Me | Coding for Beginners this is the article i read through to get a good idea of where to start. i especially recommend https://www.freecodecamp.org/

it depends on what you’re wanting to do with coding. since you said you’re interested in coding apps, i would research which languages are most commonly used for that purpose (i’ve heard java is commonly used, but i’m not very knowledgeable on the subject since i don’t plan on coding apps).

don’t worry about setting strict timelines right off the bat. there’s no real way to determine how long it will take you to learn enough to reach your goal. just focus on really learning. setting unrealistic timelines only sets you up for disappointment. just go at your own pace and take your time so you don’t end up with gaps in your knowledge.

if you want additional resources to assist you with learning how to code, i’ll list some below.
1: youtube
youtube has tons of videos made by programmers themselves and is a great way to supplement your knowledge or figure out tough concepts that you can’t find answers to anywhere else
2: coding forums/communities
coding forums (like this one) are especially helpful. i don’t know about other forums, but i know that there are loads of experienced people on here who are more than happy to help you out as best they can. also, coding forums/communities can help you keep your motivation up when things get tough and hold yourself accountable. if you want a good chat for coding, i’d recommend https://chat.freecodecamp.org/
3: books
if you want a non-technological way to learn about coding, you can find loads of books on the subject. i’ve never used a programming book personally so i don’t know enough to form an opinion on them, but i’ve heard good things about them.
4: google
this sounds obvious, but google is oftentimes a programmer’s best friend. if you’re stuck on something, a quick google search can help open the door to others who have struggled with the same or a similar thing and have found the solution. i’ve also heard that stack overflow and tutorialspoint are good places to find help when you have tech-related questions. i’ve also read that coderanch is good for learning the basics of android and ios programming, so maybe it would help you with your goal of coding apps

i wish you the best of luck on your coding journey!! : )

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