I'm new - built my tribute page! What do you think?

Hey everyone!

I’m new to the site - started on Tuesday lunchtime and after about 3.5hrs in total have completed the first part of the course including the tribute page.

My Project

This is the very first code I have ever written, and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the rest of the course.


This is not bad, but the text being in the small container makes it really hard to read.(On a large screen aka Desktop) I would stick to the traditional scrolling. I like the idea but if you look at it from the eyes of the viewer it makes it complicated to read. Also the text doesn’t stick out from the background the colors are to similar. For being your first code ever GREAT JOB! Keep up the work.

Thanks Timothy - there was so much info the page would have scrolled forever, hence the scrolling container in the middle - I guess it would have worked better with a smaller container at the top.

Really appreicate the feedback - I found the first part of the course relatively plain sailing. Having started the Javascript module whilst working on my portfolio I can see that it is going to be a lot more challenging. Better than binging on box-sets over the winter period though :slight_smile: K