Im new here, Open for New Topics

Hello im new here anyone like to be friends im open for new topics to discuss
So, here I am saying hello as a starting point to try and change that and also I would love any suggestions from people who may be good at networking and building relationships online. Is there a slack/discord group anyone recommends? I am at about a beginner-intermediate level and could probably help out someone just starting out which would in turn help me learn too!

Anyways, thankful for FCC and wishing you all happy coding!

sounds like your looking for meet up events. there’s quite a few online ones if you cant get there in person.

personally I’m an introvert so not type to network at all XD
but even I’ve considered joining these… they would be good places to get to know other coders and how they have gone about networking if that’s what your looking for.

Find Events & Groups | Meetup

You can join the official discord channel for freeCodeCamp

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