I'm not able to pass this challenge. Kindly provide me some solution

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can you copy and paste your code here. Use the Ctr+E to insert your code as preformatted text.

How to do it using mobile?

When you want to type in the reply box use the preformatted text right next to the quotation button.

I’m using mobile only I’m not familiar with such tools. Kindly send me image of that particular option.

This is it.

How to select entire code?

If it is not easy to note your code here, this is the instruction:

  • Add a pair of radio buttons to your form, each nested in its own label element. ( This means you need to wrap radio buttons with their own label elements.)

  • One should have the option of indoor

  • and the other should have the option of outdoor

  • Lastly Both should share the name attribute of indoor-outdoor.

which part is difficult for u?

The above sent image is my code. Since I'm not able to select entire code I inserted image of the code. I have written some code but test cases are not passing.

look at this example down

<label for="indoor">Indoor</label>

close your initial label tag like this: <label for="indoor">

and after each radio button make sure you have the </label>
you see it comes after each radio button like this example:

<label for="indoor"> 
  <input id="indoor" type="radio" name="indoor-outdoor">Indoor 

Thank you. Successfully completed that challenge.

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