I'm not passed Issue

When I use react connected to Vanilla Javascript, the score I get is 5/8 but I fufill the prompt so I should get 7/8;
Should I do this exercise again without using Vanilla JS? Thanks.
A Pen by Ung Sereysopea (codepen.io)

I’m not sure what you mean when you reference “Vanilla Javascript”. That’s just a term that is thrown around to mean “JavaScript without any libraries”. You’re using the React library, which is all well and good. React is a JS library, so you don’t need to connect JS to it.

It looks like your project is failing the tests because the editor doesn’t work, which is accurate.

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You don’t need (or want really) plain JS event handling. I would suggest you use React as it was meant to be used. You can look at the React docs (for example the forms) and the fCC curriculum for more on user input handling.

Anyway, change the id on the root element in the HTML and set it to something else like app and then update ReactDOM.render to use that element id instead. Then move the preview id to the div inside the return (the one with dangerouslySetInnerHTML) then it should pass all but the last optional test.

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