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My regex is off because it’s not getting rid of the errant dash already present in the string. I want to create a reset wherein I eliminate all punctuation and spaces and replace it with dashes. Where is my logic off? It seems my regex should accomplish this. Spaces (\s) and punctuation like ’ _’ and ’ - ’ are covered by \W. I replace the \W and \s with ‘-’.

Is my understanding of regex off or is it my understanding of how to make regex work?

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function spinalCase(str) {
//set regex to deal with underscores and spaces
let regex = /\s\W/g;
//convert to lowercase
let arr = str.toLowerCase();
//use replace to convert underscores, errant dashes and spaces with dashes
arr.replace(regex, '-');;
return str;

spinalCase("AllThe-small Things");
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here doesn’t matche because \W match all taht isn’t word.

let regex = /\s\W/g;

and here you are transform to lower case

let arr = str.toLowerCase();

here, you are returnreturn the same str without transform you have return arr;

return str;

you can see result the regex with

console.log(arr.replace(regex, '-'))

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