I'm not sure where I can post this.... feel demotivated

Just try to finish my tribute page challenge, after finish the html part, moving to css. Stuck at dropdown navigation bar for 2 hours, trying to figure out why it doesn’t work, look on w3schools How to and bunch of you-tube tutorials still fail to do it. Finally realize that i didn’t put the 2nd

    tag inside the
  • tag, after fix that little mistake all question solved… feel like wasting 2 hours on nothing…

    Been doing FCC since end of February and this happen really demotivate me to continue…

Try Hoping on the twitter and do the #100 days of coding challenge it’s helping me. Stay motivated.

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Hey man, typos and stupid errors are the bane of any programmer’s existence. Logical (runtime) errors are where we are thinking. Mostly, avoiding annoying errors like this is a function of two inputs: practice, and a good IDE. Where are you writing your code?

Also, when writing coding, use backticks (`) (upper left of keyboard, under the tilde(~), on the same key) to enclose them so the markdown editor can safely display it. These forums use Markdown, a quick way to shorthand HTML (link to cheatsheet) to convert forum comments to displayable stuff.

It happens. This isn’t a difficult, high-paying field because programming requires a magical skill that only a few special people have. It’s difficult because sometimes you can spend a day and a half trying to figure out why all your buttons stop working when you refresh the page, or why your tests pass when you run them manually but fail during the nightly build. It’s nit-picking, and digging through documentation, and trial and error, and throwing away hours of hard work because you need to do it another way.


I’m using VS code, will use online editor like codepen or scrimba when i just want to experiment some stuff ( something like dropdown navbar/ how the grid/flex system work as these online editor are amazing at auto save and instant preview)…

Right now I feel like the navbar is actually pretty easy to do (just some padding/size need constantly use dev tool to tune, i always cant get the size that i want).

Definitely will look at Markdown once I finish with this tribute page.

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:

I actually wanted to try this 100 days of code things, been deleting my old twitter account about 20days left. I actually see there is a 100 days of CSS and 30 days of JS by Wes Bos and they are really cool. Would try to do my own 100 days of CSS/html.

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:


Glad to see your venting to your brethren in the trenches improved your mood :slight_smile: In case I wasn’t clear, markdown is a tool for forums, not site-building. It’s used here, on Reddit, on Github, and loads of other places. In fact, a Markdown Previewer is one of the FCC projects. I was just talking about editing your OP so we could see the tags you wrote (if not coding backticks, the forum doesn’t display them for security reasons). Keep at it. I spent half of yesterday trying to figure out why I couldn’t load a font on Codepen - now I’m getting an SSL certificate for my personal website. The trick is to keep pushing until the breakthrough. This joke from reddit is The only true graph:


Yes all of you should join us on Twitter for the #100DaysOfCode!!!
The people there are the best, and we also have a Facebook group and a Slack channel. And there’s no better motivation then watching your new friends that you’ve met on Twitter who are only a couple of months ahead of you GET their first dev jobs. For me it makes it seem all the more real. Nohting like watching :nerd_face: it happen right in front of you :thinking::smiley:

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If you are using VScode, then you can download some extensions like bootstrap snippet, that will have navbar already made for you.

Is it called the same on FB?

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Yes it’s called the same on Facebook. Here’s a link to the group 100 Days Of Code Facebook Group so you can check it out for yourself. You do have to apply to get in or something, but I think it’s just to make sure you’re not a bot :robot: