I'm Pretty Excited To Share This

I'm Pretty Excited To Share This
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Hey all… So, I just finished my redo of Project 3 - Product Landing Page.

I’d really love for you to check it out and comment back. Im pretty proud, but I fear maybe my work isn’t “employable” or whatever. Feedback would really help.

Also, my video on this is set to AUTOPLAY. I just wanted you to know in case you need to check your volume before going to the page.

I really spent a lot of time on this. The logo that is used, I created. The background is my version of a background I saw and liked. I put a lot of me into this.



The layout is responsive which is great. The only thing I notice right off was when I mouseover the nav links at the top right, the text turns too light of a color to see the text anymore.


Thanks. I was aware that design choice might be an issue. I don’t normally go light like that, but I thought “well, if they are hovering over it, they know what they are going to click” but I agree, I should go darker.

I really appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback.


Nice website. I like how the links in the nav do go lighter and they are still readable on hover. A user already knows what they are hovering over before and after they have done it.

Maybe try and get the left skin also on the right side. You could change the background for the youtube embed to a slight grey so it fits in with the rest of your colour scheme.


Thanks. I am really mixed about the hover color. I just flipped it to black because it’s the only color (other than the red) that is on the page and I don’t want the red. I might go back to lighter. I tried white, it was ok, but I thought it might have the same issue for people.

For the background (skin) are you saying it should be on both sides of the body? Like a reflection? I considered that, but felt it might be too busy. It was really just about making the page not all white. But I will consider it. It’s not that hard to modify my image. If I misunderstood, I will point out that what makes those nav’s hard to read is that I cropped the body image to the size of the header and flipped it. So if the screen could get large enough, you’d see the red poking out on the right side of the nav.

For the video, I will just say that it was a purposeful design choice to make it black. I wanted it to make the video feel more like it was part of the site rather than just an embed.

I appreciate all the feedback and you have given me more to think about. Thanks!!