Im really stuck

Hi i really dont know were i am going wrong can someone please help me.
i did have 15/16 but pressed something and it all went wrong :frowning:
kindest regards

hey Vivienne! Welcome to the forums! I noticed right off the bat on line 22, you’ve closed your <main> tag (</main>) on the same line you created it. You’ll want to put the closing </main> tag at the end of your main section. And your page should only have 1 <main> section, which will likely include all your <section> tags, etc.

Hopefully that gets you back on the right track! If you feel like you’re spiraling and writing more bugs than correct HTML, it might be time to break for a half hour or so, or even set it aside for tomorrow. Whenever I come back to a bug the next day, I find I can resolve it pretty quickly! Good luck! I think your page is coming together, just take a little break and read through those user stories carefully.

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