I'm sick of this Elitetist behavior towards new programmers like myself

I was in a web development discord server earlier this afternoon talking about one of my projects that i have been working on for my company. I’m currently in the process in rebuilding one of their websites at the moment and i’m aware of my lack of experience in doing the job but personally i like to put myself in them kind of situations. It enables me to learn quickly plus the company is saving money in the long run by getting me to do the job. Today i realised i made an amateur mistake, i didn’t use a grid system for my site and was only using floats and padding to position my objects. I came onto the server to try and get some advice and one guy who calls himself “Benz” tries to rip into me and be little’s me then goes on to say I’m doing a job that i ain’t ready to do which to some degree he’s right but isn’t it good to put yourself in these situations to learn a lot more quicker plus i’m earning while working??? it could be a lot worst, where i’m just sitting in my room, earning no money and just building personal projects with no job. Not saying that is a bad thing but this is a commercial project for a small advertising agency and it’s an excellent opportunity for me to progress further on and continue to develop their site. I’m a full time advertising administrator, thats doing this as a side project. I’m just becoming sick of these people that try to belittle less experience coders because they lack knowledge or experience in a certain area. When the fact is they were once in that position.


I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into a lot of rudeness. Here at FCC we pride ourselves in having a strong and supportive community. We don’t tolerate gatekeeping or abuse.


It happens A LOT and it is happening with the folks that are on the CSS-in-JS side and the front end developers. JS developers that don’t understand CSS and the cascade and such taking the piss out of front end developers, saying HTML/CSS isn’t a programming language, etc.

I actually wrote an article about it I was so pissed off.

Don’t let people like the one you ran in to get to you. In nearly twenty years of programming, I have never seen the division between certain groups this bad.

The best piece of advice I got from a friend of mine was;

It doesn’t matter what people think of you because it is none of your business.

You learn by doing. You learn from mistakes. Which is what I am reading into your post. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t let these trolls get you/bring you down.

These folks seem to forget that they are not perfect and there is only one way to go if you think you’re perfect. That way is down. I’d rather be flawed than perfect. I’m trying to figure out some basic JS right now on the calculator project. I probably should not be doing this while sick with what is probably the flu, but I am doing it anyway to get it done.

If someone told me off, I’d tell them to go pound sand personally.

Keep on, keepin’ on @wjwebdev

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I can tell you right now that I can see something that makes you a good developer. You saw you made a mistake and could identify it so reached out for help.

That puts you in the category of you can do this job and well.

There is nothing worse than a dev that can’t troubleshoot. Nothing. It means they don’t know how to do their job.

On the flip side there is NOTHING wrong with a dev who asks for help. Everyone has to do that. We’re always learning on this job and we will always need a second pair of eyes, google, and somewhere to work out what’s going on.

In short - keep going, you’re doing fine.

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Honestly, try flexbox.

Your solution would be to find a good way to structure elements? Then try a method that allows you to do that. Think of everything like boxes that need to be stacked and arranged.

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There will always be those trolls who bring themselves up by putting others down. Look at it this way, if they need to put others down in order to feel satisfied with themselves, they are probably really insecure petty people who do not really think they are half as good as they pretend to be.
F#@& em and the horse they rode in on

Here at FCC we got your back

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