I'm so frustrated with gatsby!

I’m trying to do a technical exam project using gatsby, and I was following the documentation pretty fairly until I got to a wall filled with bugs, a stupid custom hook from them doesn’t work it’s bugged, I’ve been trying to do a workaround for the entire day, downgrading to v2, whatever the method I find on stackOF doesn’t work, have no clue why, if something get’s fixed something else breaks, contacted support, no answer, I even went to the discord channel, no asnwer,looked through past posts,all of them point to an “you’re out of luck” non usefull answer, why in the hell would they ask me to learn this BS framework if it doesn’t work?!

Hi @dryo98 !

You could try your luck with one of the reddit groups.
Gatsby has their own reddit group.
You could also try the web dev or javascript groups.
Maybe someone there can assist you.

Good luck!