I'm starting a blog about solving freeCodeCamp challenges using ES6+. What do you think?


Modern Javascript is becoming ever more important so I’m writing some articles about solving the challenges using ES6+ and some more advanced techniques.

Feedback would be highly appreciated! How could I make this more useful?


Sure, why not. I assume you are in the progress of doing the challenges - so yea, just write about them as you go through them. If you already completed all the challenges, it seems like too much work to go back and redo everything, but i’ll leave it up to you. 9 is not VIII or VIIII

Alright, thanks for the feedback. Also thanks for catching the typo - fixed :+1:

Hi @volny,

That’s a nice write-up! Very good intro to Map - I am flabbergasted at how simple your solution to this challenge is compared to mine!

I have one question: why do you use const for your function expression? You explained why you do so in your for...of loop and it makes sense there, however it’s not clear why you use const for your function expression. It’s not a constant if the value will change based on different arguments.

Thank you, I’m glad you got something out of it :grinning:

It’s common practice to use const for arrow functions. It means we won’t change the function definition, that is we will not change how the function works. And indeed we haven’t redefined the value of convertToRoman, as that would throw the error you are talking about.

When we invoke the function however, we simply use it, not change it. One way to think about it is you can use the same function again further down in your code, and it will be exactly the same as before. It’s a constant :smile:

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Forgot to @ you, so there you go :wink: @Soupedenuit

Excellent, that makes sense, thanks for clarifying.