I'm Starting from Today!

Hello Everyone and Good Morning from India,

My Name is Naveen and I want to become A Mern Stack Developer. From Today I am Starting My Journey to become A Developer by Studying C++ to Learn the DSA and FCC to become A Web Developer.

Right Now I’m Working in Non-Tech Job and I have Set A Target to Complete at least 10 Challenges of FCC and Watch 2 Videos of C++ Course with Proper Understanding to Move Further.

In Fact before Writing this Post I have Achieved My Today’s Target as Well but as we all know that apart from Learning becoming the Part of A Community is also Important.

So I just want to Say Hello to You All and I am Always Ready for the Discussions also All the Very Best for Your Goals. Thank You.

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Hi @naveendevsharma !

Welcome to the forum!

If your goal is to become a web developer, I would advise you to focus on the core technologies used which are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

When it comes to Data Structures and algorithms interview questions, you have the option to do those in JavaScript.

And all of the major code interview prep sites support doing those problems in JavaScript. (ex. leetcode, codewars, etc)

I think it is more important to prepare yourself for the skills required on the job.

That would be building up a good foundation in HTML, CSS , JavaScript.
Familiarity with a JavaScript library or framework like React or Angular.
Being familiar with source control.
Having a basic understanding on how databases and servers work.

Remember that as an entry level dev, they are not expecting you to know everything.
There will be tons of stuff you will need to learn on the job.

But if you have a good starting foundation, then you can be trained on the rest on the job.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @jwilkins.oboe !

Thank You So Much for the Reply and giving Me Insights about How I should go Step by Step to become A Web Developer.

I will Make Sure to Keep Things in Mind which You have Shared in Your Reply.

Thank You So Much.

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