I'm struck here, anyone pls help me out. I'm not getting a full view of my pen, i dont know why is this happening! but when i land up in the editor view it seems like nothing has happened!

It is impossible to help you if you don’t show your code or your pen

If you can’t use full view mode it may be you have not verified your email


ohhh… i have given u the link. pls do see it.

Could you please expand on your question?

Also this is not an instant message service, it is a forum, people are not always connected

@Parneet You have a couple issues here:

  1. You need to properly close your opening <ul> with a closing tag (</ul>). Instead you have tried to close it with </li>.

  2. You should be closing out your opening <nav> with a </nav> before the div with id=“main-doc”.

Fixing the two above issues get you closer to the design you were intending. You will still have to fix a few issues when the screen gets very small (i.e mobile phone width), but you should be able to fix it with an additional media query.

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oh thnkuuu so much. i did as u said nd yes i got everything correct! I’m glad u helped me out.