I'm Stuck and don't know how to proceed

Hello all,

I hope you are alright,
I got my Full Stack Certificate, and now I feel I’m stuck, I don’t know what to do next.
I know I can search now for a job and I already got offers from good companies, but I don’t feel the confidence to get into a job, I’m always afraid that I’m not qualified enough, (as I never had work experience and I never had the chance to work in a real team), and I don’t know what to do.

( N.B. I’ve built many projects other than FCC’s projects, exposing myself to different concepts and ways of development. ranging from CLI tools to full-stack projects which differ from being statically generated sites to SSR sites to even hybrid apps and more, but still worried that I’m not yet qualified )

Also, I need to learn more, I’m trying to get a deep understanding of computer science, in general, and collect as much knowledge as I can.
I hope in the future I can have a good impact on the field.
I’m not a CS graduate, actually, I graduated from medical school, but I have passion for computer science, but I don’t have the basics that students get when they graduate from computer science school, because of this I feel that there is a huge gap between what I know and what I should’ve known (maybe this is also one more cause for being not confident to get a job) so I’m trying to study Algorithm Scripting and Data Structure then Study OOP with C++ then Data Bases then Maths, then choose a specialty to study it in-depth (till now, I think it will be AI).
But I don’t know what to do to get all of this done. Even I don’t know if I’m on the right path. I’m totally confused.
especially I don’t have any sort of guide or mentor to help me.
Even I don’t know a success model to follow his/her path. as actually almost all of my network is far away from the computer science field.
I hope you can help me
Thanks in advance


If you’ve received a job offer, that generally means the company has looked at your credentials and your previous projects and feels like you’d be a good fit for their needs. Don’t let yourself be your own enemy - just because you take a job doesn’t mean you have to be an expert, or that you suddenly stop learning.


I agree you’ll be always learning something new even when you reach 10 years working with IT. We all know that the first step is the hardest but listen to me… You can feel afraid sometimes but don’t let this feeling control your choices!

If you need tips to know what to study you can find here:


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Thank you guys for your replies.
and really thanks for the link too

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