I'm stuck at step 6 please i need help

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      <h2>Cat Photos</h2>
      <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
      <p>Click here to view more cat photos.</p>
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User Agent is: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10; SM-A013G) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/101.0.4951.61 Mobile Safari/537.36

Challenge: Step 6

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That looks right to me. What error are you getting?

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i think you indent 3 spaces away that is the problem

The indentation is correct on the three elements inside the <main>. If you restart the step, clear out lines 5, 6, and 7, then copy/paste those lines from the code above it will pass. (Make sure you copy all the leading spaces for each line).

Furthermore, the indentation of the other lines doesn’t seem to matter as I changed them all to have no indentation at all and it still passed with just the three lines inside of <main> indented.

This particular step has been quite the thorn in the side for people. There is an effort underway to make it clearer. There may still be some issues with the test itself.

My recommendation: restart the step and only do one thing, add two spaces in front of each of the three elements inside the <main>. Do not make any other changes. Then it should pass.

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Thank you soo much for your help it worked

Even . if I restart it looks the same. Something’s wrong and there’s nothing that I can do about it

@SamZ7 You should create a new thread if you are having problems. Also, we will need to see your actual HTML in order to help you. To display your code in here you need to wrap it in triple back ticks. On a line by itself type three back ticks. Then on the first line below the three back ticks paste in your code. Then below your code on a new line type three more back ticks. The back tick on my keyboard is in the upper left just above the Tab key and below the Esc key.

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