I'm stuck, can't pass through "Escape Sequences in String" level

**i went to “get help” and watched the video explanation and it matched my code, yet it can’t run correctly I can’t pass through to the next level. here is my code:
** var myStr =“Firstline\n\t\SecondLine\nThirdLine” **

var myStr ="Firstline
ThirdLine" ; // Change this line

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Challenge: Escape Sequences in Strings

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Check your spelling for FirstLine… make sure to compare it with freecodecamps:)
And make sure FirstLine is followed by a new line which is \n
And lastly between SecondLine and ThirdLine there should be a new line\n :slight_smile:

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can you give the line code you summitted to pass the level, i got the lesson of the escape sequences, i am interested in next levels of the course.


your code is spelled Firstline, it’s supposed to be FirstLine.
EDIT: thought u were asking why the I corrected the spelling, sorry
EDIT: I guessing you have found the solution?

i did find the solution

kk, I’m glad:) have fun coding!!

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