I'm stuck in personal portfolio

i need help how can i take photos of my projects to put it in my portfolio project
and i have a problem in my project in welcom section i put h1 and p elements and add some editing on them but when i shrink the height they go to project section

Please add at least a screenshot of the problem.

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Hi Noha19!
If you are attempting to get the certification projects done, then I think it generally doesn’t really matter what the pictures you insert are, as long as there are some pictures present (you could a picture of a bird, as long as all the information about it is detailed according to the instructions, i.e. the correct placement, description, id etc.). You could also insert links to a codepen and I think it might show up as an “interactive picture”, if I remember correctly.

Regarding the second part, it is much easier to assist if you insert your code here as well, that way we can test how it works and understand your situation clearer. (This is a good tip for any future post here on the forums, as it saves time for you in the form of shorter waiting time and makes it soooo much easier for the people trying to help, if you link/add your code, for example link to your codepen)

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thank u :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
but i have another problem include the shrink
i have an error about the navbar i need help

if you have the other projects on codepen you can use the screenshots created by codepen: https://blog.codepen.io/documentation/screenshots/

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