Im Stuck - maybe its because of how the wording is used

FCC needs to find better ways to guide us on this and many other challenges.
they want me to do something without me knowing how to do it. I cant just guess if I dont know how to do it.
I wish FCC had shown me first how to do it, then give me challenges from it & not the other way around.
but thats just my opinion. Show me first how its done and why, then give me challenges from it so ill remember it…
Im sorry, im just a bit frustrated at the moment…

share the challenge link so we can test and see whats going on

you forgot the #

background: linear-gradient(35deg,#CCFFFF,#FFCCCC);


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Try clearing cache, it works for me too. - Given that the hexdecimals values all started with the # - you had it all right besides that one missing ‘#’

So I was right ?
I was at this for 2 1/2 hours trying to figure this out… (about to fall face first to the floor of exhaustion)…lol

Ya I had the #
I just redid the challenge so many times that the last one I forgot the # when taking the screenshot It caught the last redo with the mistake.

lately ive been experiencing me giving right answers and challenges not accepting it even though its right.
I constant would have to redo for it to take…

Thank you guys :smiley:
ill make sure that if a challenge doesnt get accepted, ill reset the code & clean cache again & redo the code as many times as needed.
seems im gonna have to be doing this a lot.