I'm stuck on this problem

I am stuck on this problem. somebody could help me. indicating if these codes are well combined?

    <li><h2> cat photos </h2></li>
    <li><!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos --></li>
    <li><p>Click here to view more cat photos.</p></li>

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Challenge: Step 6

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Hello! You don’t need to add ul or li elements.

It’s just an example how to properly make indentations.
This step is about indentations.

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

the problem asks me to put the indents on elements 1 and 2.
of not writing

  • does not let me continue with the exercises

I didn’t understand this.

I find myself doing the freecodecamp exercises. in exercise number 6 it tells me to place two indentations in each element.
If I don’t put the indents, it won’t let me continue. Anyway, if I put the indents, it won’t let me continue either

I will post here example of indentation:

  <!--Comment 1-->

In example above comment 1 and element 2 indented.

When it says three child elements it means these three lines

<h2>Cat Photos</h2>
<!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
<p>Click here to view more cat photos.</p>

You indented them and still not passed?

exactly. I wrote it this way

      <li><h2>Cat Photos</h2></li>
    <li><!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos --></li>
    <li><p>Click here to view more cat photos.</p></li>

I can’t continue anyway


and the error tells me this way.

Try to reset the challenge. When you fail the tests several times in a row, there should be an option to reset code.
Then try to solve it again. In this step I’ve encountered such problem once.
UPDATE. Just saw your screenshots. You dont need any of this:


I reset the exercise and it won’t let me continue if I don’t put <ul> and <li>
because the exercise requires that.
as indicated in the last paragraph in the first image you send.
which says the following: “Add two spaces in front of the three child elements of main so your HTML is more readable.”

I really appreciate your time, if I can solve the problem I will make a monument in your name!

Reset the lesson and take the h2, p and comment tags and indent them.

Indentation means to move something two spaces to the right

Monument is cool, but maybe don’t) Let’s just solve it)

I understand about the bloodletting. The problem is that the exercise tells me that I should place 2 indentations in each of the three elements.
I place them and it won’t let me continue. I don’t know if it’s a problem with the page or if I’m writing the labels wrong.
send images above, to show the problem

But in your code you showed us it had ul and li tags. But you are not supposed to add any code. Hope that clarifies

If I don’t put any code, it won’t let me continue in the same way

Can you share your new code without the ul and li and those other elements indented?

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