Im stuck plz help!

Idk if im just clueless rn or not but, it is asking for a simple change from <— this <— to this

plz help if you see a error all i did was change the 4 to a 6 cause thats what i see it is asking for.

when i hit the “hint button” nobody is on the one im on.

It’s been awhile but I think they want you to change the line into a div. Then inside the div make a col-sm-6.

Have you learned about the Bootstrap “row” and “column”?

The row holds 12 columns. They are usually div with the column information between the first and last div tag.
Each item that you want on the row should have a “col” class. All col classes on the row should be divs and the columns should total 12 or less.

This video may help:

I got it im just dumb lol. thanks for the response tho!

Thank you.

I’m glad you got it to work.

Can you please call it Solved with a checkmark?