I'm surprised I've stayed this far. Use Destructuring Assignment with the Rest Operator to Reassign Array Elements

I think I’ve got my head around Javascript but there have been a few lessons I’ve had a problem with.
For example in the one below, in one of the requirements to pass tells us we need to use ‘array.splice()’ yet there is no example of this in the lesson above it. How are we supposed to learn if what we need to pass the lesson isn’t included in the example?


It is true that the curriculum at this point has not introduced you to the slice method, but it does not prevent you from searching on your own outside of FCC. FCC uses the read, search, and ask method so sometimes they give you everything you need, sometimes you have to search for the information, and other times you may have to ask (via the forum).

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I can see that might be an effective way of learning for some people, but I came here to learn quickly, I expected everything to be in one place, within the current lesson(s) especially, I don’t want to be spending time searching elsewhere for the explanations/definitions etc.

Saying that, I am very impressed with the learning experience overall here, thank you for your reply, I’ll be sure to keep this in mind in future lessons and try to implement it all myself.

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