I'm trying to add a feature to this board

I want to add a high score so the player with the greatest score has an icon next to his/her name, I want to add this with redux can someone guide me? what is the correct way to do it?

import React from 'react';
import Icon from './Icon';

const Counter = props => (
  <div className="counter" >
      className="counter-action decrement"
      onClick={() => props.updatePlayerScore(props.index, -1)}>
    <div className="counter-score"> {props.score} </div>
      className="counter-action increment"
      onClick={() => props.updatePlayerScore(props.index, 1)}>
    {/*here I want to add an <Icon />*/}

export default Counter;

here is the project

I want something similar to this https://ceci007.github.io/scoreboard/ but I’m trying redux now and I find it more complex than context :frowning: