Im trying to put HTML in a javascript var. I have 2h to fix this

Hi guys I really need help for that I got only one hour left and I really hope someone can help me with that quickly. So I am actualy trying to create a calender by creating a var HTML with all the code in it but something doesn’t work so at first

I got this message SyntaxError: “” string literal contains an unescaped line break.

I want to know if someone know how to fix this problem for me thank you

There is the code -->

var HTML = ("<table class=\"table table-bordered table-light table-striped caption-top text-center col-4 mx-auto\">"`

`<caption class=\"bg-dark text-light text-center font-weight-bold\">" + moisLettres + annee + "</c+ aption>"`

`<thead class=\"thead-dark\">"`





`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">1</span></td>`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">2</span></td>`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">3</span></td>`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">4</span></td>`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">5</span></td>`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">6</span></td>`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">7</span></td>`



`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">8</span></td>"`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">9</span></td>"`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">10</span></td>"`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">11</span></td>"`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">12</span></td>"`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">13</span></td>"`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">14</span></td>"`



`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">15</span></td>"`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">16</span></td>`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">17</span></td>`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">18</span></td>`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">19</span></td>`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">20</span></td>`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">21</span></td>`



`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">22</span></td>"`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">23</span></td>"`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">24</span></td>"`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">25</span></td>"`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">26</span></td>"`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">27</span></td>"`



`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">28</span></td>`

`<td><span class=\"badge-pill badge-light\">29</span></td>`

`<td class=\"vide\" colspan=\"5\"></td>`




So, with a string literal (the backtick, just below the esc key on your keyboard), you can surround both single and double quotes, any characters you’ve escaped, whatever. You can run multi-line, you can get rid of all the extra lines. Simply surround your HTML, as you want it to appear, with backticks.