I'm watching WWDC, are you?

I look forward to WWDC every year. I am watching while playing on FCC. Is anyone else watching?

I am watching it too!

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Oooooooh, now I see why they bought Workflow last year! Nice!

I don’t think Apple will offer this possibility :confused:

Actually I don’t have an iPhone so I can’t know if I’ll use it !
I’m kinda disappointed they’re just talking about software this year, I was expecting some hardware announcements, wasn’t you?

True. I had an iPhone 6 and iOS 11 was a disaster. The battery was terrible too! Glad they finally did something to fix it.

I like the Do not disturb while bedtime, and all these apps related to digital health. At least, they are trying to keep us away from our phones.

Memojis are impressive but don’t know if that is going to be used though! Either way, Bitmoji is not going to be happy about this :sweat_smile:.

Group FaceTime! That was about time! Just like the group notifications!

You’ll use the app limit feature then ? :smile:

I don’t doubt about it.

I’m confused about the Mac, I’m not sure if I’m disappointed or satisfied by the new features :sweat_smile: