I'm wondering if I'm the only one

I’m pretty sure this has been asked before, but why isn’t the forum connected to the main site? Github for the main site, but Twitter for the forum? really?

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While I agree and it would be convienet, my guess is the background work involved (creating a plugin, etc.) in linking the Discourse Forum together with the site.

In the “old days” it was common for forums to be separate applications from the main site. It’s really useful in the sense that taking one down doesn’t have to affect the other.

Even today, forums are different apps but by-in-large extra work is done to make them ‘feel’ connected.

FCC is a straight forward enough site that I forgave the sub-domain pretty quickly.

In other words, i dont think there is a technical reason why they’re not more integrated. The active developers just chose to spend their time on other actions.