I'm working on non-profit project, but nobody like it

Hi there, I’ve been working on a project. On the first time, I just playing around with javascript and successfully figure out how I could make Android XML-like layouting system to web development world.

Early March, I started it just as hobby and some friends came and interested to help. So we make it as serious project. However month by month they started to fade and loses motivation. So I work alone.

On early of September, I publish it as pre-release and share it to people at Discord. However, they hate it and one of them says “Stop being so weird”. This is make me so suicidial :skull:

Anyone has thought of this project? Should I continue or stop here? I appreciate your suggestion and critics, thanks!

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Hey Thor,

If you’re having any suicidal thoughts at all, please take a step back, perhaps a break for a few days from any sort of technology, and if possible consult a specialised doctor/psychiatrist. This industry is losing too many great people such as yourself due to suicide. Perhaps you’re hyperbolising and maybe just saying such as to add comedic effect, but you’re worth much more than what others say or think about you.

Your project sounds great, even though I don’t understand what the goal of it is, as I am extremely new to JS/coding in general. I’m stuck on so many exercises and can’t even solve them without going to the Hints section or even watching the solution, hahahaha! Perhaps find a different Discord server with more supportive folks. Hard to find, but there has to be such a place. Anyone have any recommendations?

Kind regards,


Yeah, suicide is not something to take lightly @Thor-x86 I second that you should stop whatever you’re doing and talk to a medical professional


Hey Thor,
I am very new to coding and can relate that it can be a frustrating experience. (especially if your friends bail on you :roll_eyes:) I just wanted to commend you for sticking with it. :clap:t5:
There are many people out there, each with their own opinions/likes/dislikes etc. but its good to remember that we can’t please them all. So don’t take too much note of negative comments. If they give constructive criticism, then that great and shouldn’t be ignored but calling something “weird” is certainly not helpful!
All I want to say is: KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! :smiley:
(p.s. I do hope the reference to suicide is for comedic purposes)


Wow I think I overly emotional up there :sweat_smile: Anyway, thanks for your support guys & girls :blush:

I just wandering around internet and found a case of a programmer who works really ambitious project alone and makes him crazy. He is Terry A. Davis (1969 - 2018), creator of TempleOS which has it’s own compiler (yes… he made his own compiler and graphic library!). At the other side, he made himself crazy and homeless because he works alone then got really stressed up.

This case makes me thinking I have to work together with people. I know every people here minding their own business, but anyone know which platform to find people who interested to working on non-profit project? I mean… I ever ask anyone at “Project Feedback” but a moderator just delist it because promotion is forbidden. I confused… :woozy_face:

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Maybe you can find likeminded people on Reddit programming subs.

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From one super to another super, Thor, take everything one step at a time. :grinning:


Hey there,

We have a discord chat server,
I think this is a better way to find partners.

You can find the link at the bottom of this page:

Regarding delisting your project:
It’s very hard to find out which agenda people have when they post their projects.
Because some people and companies try to game the system by asking for “feedback”, but actually just trying to promote their stuff, we don’t allow this.
So this is not a personal thing, the people who moderate the forum just want to create a great user experience for all learners here on the forum.


Terry Davis didn’t “go crazy” because of working on Temple OS, he wrote Temple OS because he was clinically schizophrenic and believed that God had directed him to build a successor to the Second Temple in the form of an operating system. I’m not really sure that he’s a particularly good role model; he’s very interesting, and what he did was impressive, but it’s also useless (more outsider art than anything else) and is a product of paranoid visions.


Wow thank you sir :grin:

I understand that being moderator is not an easy task. Anyway, freeCodeCamp with Discord is something amazing. I’m going to join

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Correct, Temple OS was made when he chronically schizophrenia. However, losethos (his OS before TempleOS) is another story. I can’t say he is a good role model, but his mistake is something that we can learn as enthusiast. Just don’t over do something especially alone.

Just to nitpick. He was diagnosed in 1996. He only made one OS, which was called by different names at different points in its development, LoseThos was the second iteration. He scheduled a decade of his time to make it, beginning in 2004. He didn’t make a mistake: he was schizophrenic, aware that he was, and used the visions to inform the design of the OS he made. It didn’t make him crazy, it’s not a cautionary tale. If anything, it’s the opposite: he had extremely severe mental issues that made him unable to function in what would be considered normal social life, but still managed to work alone over a long period of time to complete a highly sophisticated feat of engineering.


I think you should realize that non-developers don’t really understand how much hard work you’ve put into something, how long it took you to do it. People expect everything to be perfect, that’s just how people are.
I think beyond everything you need to respect yourself and feel like you’ve done a great job. If others criticize and don’t like it, perhaps you need to take a step back and listen to them, after all you are doing this project for others, not just yourself. Perfectionism is a great quality for a developer.

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How can I contribute to the project? Is it open-source?


Yes, it’s open source and it is still very young. There are things that you can take a look:

  1. Demo Video
  2. Documentation
  3. Source Code

I will continue working on project this Friday, after I finished current deadline.

Note: Sorry for the microphone, that headset is the only “good” microphone at home


Hi @happyworld , thanks for your support. Anyway, I’m thinking if I share pre-alpha version, is it a good thing or bad idea?

Terry was a talented and masterful engineer plagued by mental illness. He’s the only man I know where I can marvel at his ingenuity and pity him for the torment he went through :frowning:

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This is very true. When any awesome game that’s been worked on for a long time and finally released to the public, they get so much hate. As if you can make a game in a click of a button.