Image abstraction layer - most recently submitted search strings


I am thinking about tackling the Image abstraction layer project.

One of the user stories is:

  • User Story: I can get a list of the most recently submitted search strings.

If I understood this correctly, that will show me the search results of everyone who used the api. But, isn’t it a bit problematic if someone starts making spam searches? With funny urls or NSFW search terms?

Did anyone considered this? And what kind of solution did you use?

I have not looked yet in which service to use for the image search, but I guess many have “safe search” filters. However, I guess that will only prevent certain results from showing up, but not the actually strings from being send as search terms.

For the url shortened microservice I also was worried about unsafe urls, so I used the google api: to check the urls before generating the short version.

What do you think?