Image grid layout

Hey guys,for weeks I’ve been stuck at creating an image grid layout for a landing page,like the one pictured.Can you please help me with a code i could just copy & paste to create something like this?

Also if there’s a developer in here from South Africa (Pretoria ) in here,i’d like to hang out. IT’s a tough journey alone.

Hey! Laying out images responsively can definetely be a pain so don’t beat yourself up about it we’ve all had these problems.

I think it’s far better to go through the struggle of learning how to do this rather than just copy and pasting some code so i’ve linked a great article from FCC which teaches how to use CSS Grids to create a responsive image gallary similar to what you’re after.

I’ve also linked a good resource from W3Schools which should also help.

Hope this helps let me know how you get on or if you have any issues :+1:

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